Adidas is not offering Free Shoes it is a WhatsApp Scam

Jiddat Web Desk , Feb 13, 2018 ::Adidas is not offering free shoes to anyone, it is a WhatsApp scam. Let us tell our readers that if they get any message on WhatsApp stating that they are being offered free Adidas Shoes. The reality will be a little harsh. As per the reports, it’s a scam by cyber criminals who want your information.The message which claims to come from the official website of Adidas states, “Adidas is giving away 3,000 Free Pair of Shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary. Get your free shoes at”Experts have warned that it is a trap to get your personal information. If you fall into this trap you will reveal your personal info to the cybercriminals.As per this scam has already fooled & tricked many.
Adidas has also confirmed that this message is completely false, it is a hoax.Lauren Haakman, Brand Communications & PR Manager of Adidas South Africa said, “We are aware of the WhatsApp message that is currently circulating claiming that Adidas is giving away free footwear and would like to caution the public about believing this, as it is definitely a hoax.”These scams on social media platforms & generally over the internet are not something new. Previously it came to light that there was a scam relating to Emirates offering free tickets, which was a hoax. A website claimed,“We are giving away two free tickets to everyone to celebrate our 33rd anniversary.” It later proved to be false.Similarly, a WhatsApp scam appeared in the past claiming that users can customize the app with a variety of colors.In Pakistan, a scam started luring youngsters to buy adult toys. After they buy a toy, blackmailing starts.So these scams are not new. It is important that we as customers, authenticate statements & offers before we start trusting them.

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