An Effective Bold Response Should Be Given to Donald Trump’s threat. Nusrat Wahid


KARACHI: Tehreek e Insaf Sindh Vice President and senior leader Nusrat Wahid has said that an effective bold response should be given to Donald Trump’s threat. Pakistan is sovereign estate and there be no compromise on country security matter. Pakistan has given great sacrifices’ in war of terror, in order to eliminate terrorism from the country, If Pakistan army had not taken drastic action against the terrorists USA would have been turned in Tora Bora land. During the meeting with the leaders of social workers she said that USA should realize the heroic action and the sacrifices’ of many soldiers of the Pakistan army and its people to eliminate terrorism. The Pakistan army killed hundreds of terrorists during massive army operation and the Al Qaida, Taliban and other armed groups which were the root of terrorism. It is imperative to point out that the USA is trying to hide its failure in Afghan War and converting the debris of failure towards Pakistan which is absolutely wrong. She further added that the Govt. should not be hesitant on this issue and should give an effective bold response to US President Donald Trump’s threat. So far the so called minister of foreign affairs has failed to build up the best image of Pakistan on international level, the governments foreign policy is strange and un-understandable. Members of the senate and parliament must raise this point and speak loudly that the Govt policy and reluctance in the matter is very disappointing. There should be no compromise on country’s security.


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