#Apps Like #TikTok #Harmful for Society and Should be #Banned: PM Khan

Web Desk ::PM Khan is of the opinion that apps like TikTok are harmful to the society and they should be banned, this was shared by the Information Minister Shibli Faraz in one of his interviews.

As per reports, he said that PM Khan is extremely concerned regarding the increasing vulgarity and obscenity in the society and has asked all the related authorities to keep a check on the trend before it demolishes the socio-religious values of the society.

Shibli Faraz said that PM Khan had discussed this matter with him multiple times and wants a detailed strategy to check the vulgarity that is spreading in the society via the mainstream outlets as well through social media and its apps.

The information minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan told him that applications like TikTok are badly affecting the values of the society and hence they should be barred. He also said that he informed PM Khan that the owners of such applications would first be contacted to respect the values of the society and to assure that no such indecent content is shared via the app’s platform.

PM Khan has also asked Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to clean the social media, internet, and the different applications of vulgarity for the users in Pakistan.

Maj General (retd.) Amir Azeem Bajwa- the chairman PTA said that PM Khan is concerned about the destruction that is caused by vulgarity to the social, cultural, and religious values of the society.