ECP receives five objections on draft Election Rules 2017//

ISLAMABAD, Nov 4 :Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has received only five objections/suggestions on any provision of the draft Election Rules 2017 till last date of submitting any objections suggestion on the rules. According to official sources, no mainstream political party has forwarded any objection/ suggestion on improving draft Election Rules 2017.  He said the ECP had uploaded draft Election Rules 2017 on Oct 2 at its website inviting suggestions/objections of civil society, political parties and general public on any provision of the Election Rules by October 26. A political party has objected on fixing Rs 200,000 as registration fee of political parties. Other four objections have been sent to ECP at individual level. The commission would peruse the suggestion in next few days. He said the ECP has no powers to remove objections on its own as the bill has been approved by Parliament.It merits mentioning here that Electoral Rules 2017 contains 15 chapters

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