Humayun Saeed is too anxious to sleep before the release of Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Humayun Saeed is currently in a state of anxiety. His Punjab Nahi Jaungi – where he plays the male lead and is also producer – releases in a few days and it’s leading to sleepless nights and a great deal of pacing and fretting. The trailer has been very well-received, the songs are trending on social media and initial reports from the censor board reveal that the movie’s a winner. And yet, these good tidings haven’t done much to allay Humayun’s fears. “I couldn’t sleep last night and eventually took a sleeping pill at 6 am,” reveals the actor. “I only invest in a movie once I am completely sure that it’s going to turn out well. Still, even the most seasoned veterans sometimes make mistakes. I may have an idea of what works in the cinema but I can’t be entirely sure.”“I notice what they particularly find funny and which scenes generate claps,” he explains, “it adds to my know-how.”Humayun, as a quintessential son of the soil, has a Punjabi-sequel mustache. “I haven’t gone overboard when trying to look and act ‘Punjabi’,” he says. “My character has a mustache because it is part of a tradition in his family. I have added slight tinges here and there but he’s a well-groomed man who doesn’t look ridiculous because he isn’t constantly wearing a dhoti or being unnecessarily loud.”“It’s been exhausting but fun throughout,” says Humayun. “We all get along very well together and I think that chemistry will be apparent on screen.”We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the song! Punjab Nahi Jaungi premieres in Karachi tonight and opens to the public on September 1.

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