Istanbul’s Ataturk airport closed after private jet crashes: reports

ISTANBUL, Sept  21, (AFP) – Turkey’s main international airport was closed to traffic on Thursday after a private jet crashed on landing and burst into flames, reports said.    The plane, which had four people on board, was making an emergency landing at Ataturk International Airport, the DHA news agency said. All four were injured but the fire was brought under control, NTV television said.

NTV said the plane had two pilots on board, one crew member and one passenger. There was no further information on the condition of those on board.

It said the plane had taken off from the airport to fly to the breakaway state let of northern Cyprus, which is only recognized by Turkey.    But it had turned back to land at the airport where it came off the runway and caught fire. There were no further details on the cause of the plane’s troubles.

Images showed the stricken wreck of the plane on the airport apron, covered in fire fighting foam and apparently split in two.

Other pictures showed a plume of black smoke rising up from the airport.

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