Khattak Okays hybrid buses for BRT service

Pervez Khattak approved the procurement of hybrid passenger vehicles for the planned KP Bus Rapid Transit service and ordered the placing of advertisements for after Eidul Azha. He said the use of hybrid vehicles would help protect the environment. The progress came during a meeting on the BRT plan at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat here, where special supporter to the leader minister Shad Mohammad, MPAs Shaukat Yousafzai and Meraj Humayun, organizational secretaries, representatives of the Asian Development Bank, project experts and other relevant officials were in attendance. A statement issued here said the meeting alert on the three packages of the BRT project and the fourth for the parking and commercial activities in Hayatabad, Dabgari, and Chamkani areas. The relevant officials tell participants that the project’s first and third packages were ready for tendering. The chief minister ordered the finalization and launch of the tendering process after massive hype in the media after Eidul Azha. The ADB representatives gave a presentation appreciating the government’s support, traffic management, relocation of utilities and the CM’s ‘strong leadership’ for making the project feasible and thus, causing the execution of the implementation phase. The CM ordered the speedy launch of the project after the fulfillment of all nations, including procurements. He, however, said it won’t be a subsidized project compared to such projects being executed in other parts of the country. He asked the quarters concerned to at once start work on the structure package for the parking and commercial activities and once completed, the project should be fed by the revenue generated through the commercial and parking activities, utility relocation, compensation for the precious people, the overall plan of displacement and rehabilitation under the project. After formal approval, the finance department will release the money. The CM said the BRT was a unique third-generation project, which would help address traffic congestions across KP.

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