Latest art exhibition Hajra Mansoor’s

Gallery 6 is hosting a display of the paintings by celebrated artist Hajra Mansoor. He graduated from Government College of Art and Craft, Luck now in 1964 before migrating to Karachi. She established the first private sector art school in her home which was named the Karachi prepare of Art’s Mansoor is moved by usual art and blends it with current aesthetics. Some of the women in the paintings are seen preparing themselves, combing their hair, investment a Surma deny or put on jeweler as if they were getting ready to meet their beloved. Others are painted with pigeons or peacocks as if allotment their secret of love with them. Other than cities across Pakistan; she continues to teach art along with her husband in their studio. Instead of specialized courses, the couple offer apprenticeships to artists who are exhibiting their paintings nationally or internationalism Mansoor has won several prizes and awards for countrywide and international exhibitions. The exhibition will continue till September 7.

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