KARACHI: TehreekeInsaf vice President Sindh and Senior Leader Nusrat Wahid has said that Nawaz Sharif is looking for a chance to run away from the country in order to avoid arrest-punishment and auction of his properties. She said that name of Nawaz Sharif must be included immediately in the ECL ( Exit Control List ) as he is avoiding to appear before NAB to put pressure on the Judiciary so as to delay the cases against him as he is unable to defend himself. She said that Nawaz Sharif, Hassan Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz and Maryam Safdar must face the Judiciary. She further added that only disqualification of Nawaz Sharif is not enough rather the theft of Trillions of rupees during his tenure in the office for 3 times as a priminister should be taken into account and all the looted money must be brought back to Pakistan. She added that Nawaz Sharif under the plea of sickness of his wife Kulsum Nawaz trying to Escape from the country. Nusrat Wahid further added that the agitation – hue and cry by his party has died down much before its destination- Raiwind. The workers of Muslim league noon are fed up and disgruntled with the leadership. Much before the next election the party will disintegrate into several groups and disintegration will be basic result for the failure in the election. At the vacant seat due Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification, the people of Pakistan will vote for the honest candidate and noon league will lose the seat for ever. She added that in the next year- 2018 Election, The Tehreek Insaf has made all the necessary arrangements for Karachi as well as interior of Sindh to ensure complete victory of Chairman Imran Khan who is going to be the next prime minister of Pakistan who will govern and run the country affairs in a proper manner and get rid the poor people of Pakistan from poverty and un-employment.

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