Pakistan saw $14bn loss in the aftermath of Panama JIT. Ahsan Iqbal


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal claimed that the country saw a loss of $14 billion in the consequences of JIT shape and the Panama verdict. He was talking to media in Islamabad after visiting the weekly marketplace to review indemnity caused by fire there

“Pakistan’s resolve against terror campaign is for its own concentration, and not for serving the safety of the United States, he said Ahsan Iqbal said political instability is equivalent to playing with the future of the next generation. Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has categorically stated that the government will safeguard national interest at all costs.  The Minister said the US narrative of financial assistance to Pakistan has also been definitely rejected with the argument that Washington is yet to pay Islamabad billions of dollars under the previous agreements regarding logistic support to the United States. He stressed the need for forging unity among ranks of the nation to send across a message that the nation is united to face any conspiracies .Ahsan Iqbal said the supporting and military leaderships have reviewed in detail US President Donald Trump’s strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia and out rightly rejected his remarks about Pakistan.

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