PM #ImranKhan Directs to Ensure #Wheat Availability Across the #Nation

Web Desk  ::PM Khan has directed to ensure wheat availability across the nation. He said that it should be ensured that enough quantity of wheat is available that is in line with the needs of the nation.

While heading a meeting on Tuesday on the matter of the availability of wheat and sugar and the prices of these items, PM Khan said that wheat and sugar are the basic requirements of the people and their availability should be ensured at reasonable prices.

The Prime Minister was informed that 400,000 tons of wheat have till yet been imported by the private sector, while 1 million metric tons of the items would be reaching the country in October.

The Chairman of the Trading Corporation of Pakistan informed (TCP) that 1.5 million metric tons of wheat, is being imported by the government and for that, a tender of 330,000 metric tons has been floated, while more other tenders would be announced soon.

He also said that other than the private investors, they also intend to import wheat via the government to government deals.

The chairman TCP said that sugar was also imported in the nation and that they are trying to make a balance between the demand and supply of the item in the local market.

PM Khan instructed that he should be continuously informed ahead on the progress in the import of wheat.