PTI has Strongly Condemned Mass killings of Innocent Rohingya Muslims

Rohingya Muslims

KARACHI: Tehreek-e- Insaf Sindh Vice President and Senior Leader Nusrat Wahid has strongly
condemned the Genocide and atrocities committed by the Estate Organized Terrorist &
Barbarians at Rohingya in Myanmar, The International Community must take immediate
notice of these brutal and violent mass killings of innocent Muslims. In this hour of crisis we
will not leave our Muslims Brothers of Myanmar alone. She urged the Human Rights
Commission and United Nations to play their vital and due role in this matter immediately to
protect the lives and properties of the innocent Muslims of Rohingya in Myanmar.
While addressing the gathering of Social & Political workers who organized the protest she
said that more than (90,000) Ninety thousand Muslims have been massacred /killed by the
Barbarians’ in Rohingya in Myanmar which is a matter of serious concern as such USA, GREAT
BRITAIN. CHINA, RUSSIA and the OIC member all Muslim Countries to make strategy to stop
the killings of innocent Muslims. Nusrat Wahid further added that Muslims living in Rohingya
should have all the basic rights of a legitimate citizen and they should be given the proper
Nationality. The Government of Myanmar must stop the Estate Organized Terrorism against
the innocent Muslims of Rohingya. She added that the Government of Pakistan must help
and provide full support in terms of Food /Medicine and other basic necessities to the
refugee fleeing from Rohingya towards Bangladesh and to other countries physically –
practically instead of giving verbal comments which is not going to help or support to the
unfortunate Muslims of Rohingya.

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