Saudi Grand Mufti warns against Temporary Marriage by Saudis Abroad

RIYADH, (APP): The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Shaikh
Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh has announced that temporary marriages by Saudis studying or living abroad are a sin by Islam, on Monday.
The warning is mainly for students studying in various universities
outside the kingdom, altogether around 114,518 students accompanied by their
74,753 family members, according to official statistics by the Education
Some of those students, especially those who are alone, prefer to get
married during their study years and divorce their spouses after graduation.
The Mufti said that the main element of marriage is its continuity, as
any marriage contract is invalid if it is bound to a certain period, while
those who get married with hidden intention to divorce their partners after
graduation are considered as cheaters.


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