‘Selective audit’ of ministries reveals Rs3tr irregularity

ISLAMABAD: The Auditor General of Pakistan has raised objections over negligence, irregularities and weak economic control over a Rs3.12 trillion of public currency by 36 federal ministries during the audit year 2016-17.Submitted to the president of Pakistan and lay before the assembly in accordance with the necessities of Article 171 of the establishment,: The Auditor General of Pakistan has put on record that its result was based on the scrutiny of public funds released to 36 out of 60 federal ministries and divisions. It other that amounts “not below Rs1m spent or usual by these companies and entities” were audited on a ‘test-check basis’ and this was not “a 100pc audit”.The Auditor General of Pakistan, who was selected by the (PML)-Nawaz (PML-N) administration & completed his tenure earlier this year, highlighted 123 cases of irregular expenditures or payments, in abuse of rules, amounting to

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