Sharmila Farooqi concerned over increase in enforced disappearances

“Enforced disappearances in Sindh of religious people, social activists, nationalists, political party workers & others continue. And this goes beyond the province. It is a national-level phenomenon,” said PPP lawmaker Sharmila Farooqi. She was speaking at a discussion on mislaid people and their right to due process of law and fair trials, there, has been no solution as yet.”Advocate Ali A. Palh said that there had been an increase in enforced disappearances over the past three to four months which had peaked in August.“The police, too, now ignore complaints about such disappearances. Intelligence agencies nowadays even pick up people for ransom,” “Then those who are freed don’t talk as they have been told to either leave their cause or leave their land,” he said. Tanveer Jahan, a human rights expert from Punjab, said the conflict about the disappearances needed to be addressed. “The state is expected to facilitate people in human rights violations but when it comes to missing persons, there are many contradictions,” she said. “And then even if someone raises his or her voice about the issue, she said. Mahnaz Rahman of Aurat Foundation said that first people were punishing on suspicions of disrespecting Islam and now they were being accused of uncertainty to the land. “But the rights of the citizens of Pakistan are protected as per the Constitution of this country. Kulsoom Chandio, a member of the Sindh Assembly, asked if the state itself was involved in such a grave violation of human rights, which would make a law near protecting the rights of these people. They are there to stress the real problems and not sweep up them under the rug. If the government can’t tolerate the realities dyed by these commissions, it should not form such bodies in the first place,” she said.

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