Talks with United State suspended in protest, Senators

Foreign Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif said that Pakistan had suspended talks and bilateral visits to the US as a mark of protest over the recent anti-Pakistan diatribe by US President Donald Trump. Sources quoted the minister as telling the Senate, which converted itself into a committee prior to its regular session that Pakistan had taken the fiery remarks seriously.

Pakistan and US must talk

US Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Alice Wells was supposed to arrive here, while the foreign minister himself was to travel to the US last week under the previous schedule. About the recently unveiled policy of the US leader in South Asia, Mr. Asif said it envisaged no military role for India in Afghanistan. According to the sources, the parson said it was rather a role of financial development. He claimed during the in-camera session of the committee that India would not be allowed to use Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan.

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