The City looks like the remains of Mohanjodaro Due Muncipal Failure- NUSRAT WAHID

PTI Karachi MQM


 KARACHI: Piles of rubbish, boiling gutters, spreading viral disease, Dirty water accumulation producing mosquito, chickengunia, and dengue fever disease is common. Earlier the viral disease was known in rural areas now it is spreading in city. Citizens are falling victims of the viral disease, The Sind Vice President & Senior Leader Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf while talking to the political leaders expressed her views , She further said that Water Board, Solid Waste Management Department, Provincial Minister for Municipality Mayor Karachi, Chief Minister Sind Syed Murad Ali Shah and all other departments have miserably failed to perform their duties.

Waste of time causing Due to Broken roads – the distance which requires hardly 15 minutes to reach – Citizens are covering those distance in hour or more. The City looks like the remains of Mohanjodaro, there is no body to take care of the city, this causing mental illness and viral diseases are increasing day by day.

During the day time Heavy traffic on the roads are plying which is causing heavy traffic jam and its has become a daily scenario.

She appealed to the Chief Justices of Supreme Court & Sind High Court to take immediate so motto action on all issues. She further asked the court to question the issue with Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah & Mayor of the City Waseem Akhter.

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