What’s the Best Sleep Position for Your Health?

Jiddat Web Desk ,Jan 23, 2018 ::Those who think that sleeping is good just to rest and recharge their batteries, are well mistaken. During sleep our body performs several important tasks, such as releasing hormones, eliminating toxins, muscle relaxation, and even eliminating useless information. Research indicates that sleeping late and resting for a few hours, can cause our thoughts to become more negative and pessimistic. In addition, sleep quality can also affect important hormones that regulate our hunger, which can affect diet and weight gain. Since sleeping well is so important, are you aware of the best sleeping position? Although each person has their preferred position to sleep in, changing this simple habit can make a big difference in your health. See the benefits and disadvantages that each position offers: 1. Left side 2. Right side 3. On your back 4. On your stomach 5. Fetal Position What about you, what position do you prefer to sleep in?

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