World urged to help stop use of lethal weapons in IOK

ISLAMABAD, Sep 15 : The Hurriyat forum led by Mirwaiz
Umar Farooq has said that it is the moral duty of all people and
nations of the world to impress upon India to stop the use of
lethal weapons against the people of Kashmir for demanding their
basic political rights.
This was said during the forum’s Executive Council meeting
chaired by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in Srinagar, Kashmir Media Service
The meeting was attended by Professor Abdul Ghani Butt,
Bilal Ghani Lone, Muhammad Musadiq Adil and Mukhtar Ahmed Waza.
The meeting unanimously said that the strong censuring of
the Indian Government by the Amnesty International with regard to
the indiscriminate and inhuman use of pellet guns against the
people of occupied Kashmir based on facts and figures should serve
as an eye-opener to all champions of human rights in India and
world over and should shake the conscience of nations across the
The Amnesty report highlights the plight of the people of
occupied Kashmir and the reign of terror unleashed upon them by
the use of pellets that have killed scores of people and left
hundreds of youth partially or fully blinded or maimed and injured
since last year.
The forum spokesman said that the meeting strongly denounced
the frequent cordon and search operations conducted by Indian
forces in the Valley especially in South Kashmir villages, turning
the villages into a garrison and keeping the entire population
caged and hostage for hours together causing them great distress.
The meeting also condemned the continued policy of oppression and
suppression against the people of Kashmir by the puppet
authorities especially the killing of youth, arresting and
detaining them under one pretext or the other, and persecuting
them and their families to harass and intimidate them, he said.
Participants of the meeting said that the arrests of
Hurriyat leaders and activists, businessmen, journalists and
students by Indian’s National Investigation Agency and the
frequent raids being carried out and notices sent to people from
all walks of life in Kashmir by the agency was an obvious attempt
to intimidate and malign the leadership and those associated with
the liberation struggle and to defame and degrade the freedom
movement itself. They said, these tactics have failed in the past
and are destined to fail yet again.
The meeting reiterated that the Kashmir dispute is
essentially a political and human issue and not resolving it keeps
increasing the huge threat to peace and stability not only in
South Asia but in the entire world.

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