Zaraa Naeem Dar, has shared inspirational thoughts with her fans about how to stay motivated and focused in their life.

Web Desk ::Taking to Instagram, the brilliant and beautiful student shared her adorable photos with motivational captions.“I’m often asked these questions: how do you keep yourself focused? How do you stay motivated? How to deal with anxiety?” she wrote. Zara Dar summed up her answer in just two words saying the reply is very simple: “Once you’ve defined your objectives (preferably writte  n them down), start working towards them with full focus. If you feel like you’re falling short, it’s alright, take baby steps because you’re still progressing,” she said.

The MOST crucial thing for you to stay motivated is to acknowledge the little progress you make. Even if you’re achieving only 10% of what you initially planned, be proud. It’ll push you to do more.

“And lastly, if you’re feeling anxious, sit down and gather all your negative thoughts and think why it won’t matter a day, week, or month from now, cause trust me the negative is temporary (embed this in your head),” the ACCA topper wrote, adding that the most important thing is having faith in Allah.

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